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To assist you in choosing a suitable trip, we have assigned each itinerary to a category. These categories are rather subjective - what is demanding for some may be easy for others, and vice versa, so keep your own goals in mind when choosing your tour. These categories should be used to provide you with a general comparison of the available activities. The majority of healthy, active people will be capable to taking part in nearly every trip that we offer.

Easy (A level) – suitable for most people in good health. If your tour includes any activities, these are always on good paths and predominantly at low altitudes.

Moderate (B level) - suitable for the average active tourist. They may include short days of strenuous activity, including paths along volcanic glaciers. These routes also may involve considerable ascent and descent and the occasional difficult day, and therefore it is important for all participants to be reasonably fit. As long as you are confident of your physical condition, previous experience is not essential, although it is desirable.

Challenging (C level) - These routes will require a greater level of physical fitness, and are suitable for regular tourists who are very fit and who have previous experience in the chosen activity. Tours will often include extended days, rough terrain, and wild river rapids. Lengthy periods may also be spent at high altitude.

Strenuous (D level) - the most strenuous routes. They include long days, often in isolated areas, and the possibility of extreme altitudes. Tours with this grade generally refer to mountaineering and climbing adventures, and include difficult pass crossings, use of ropes, and require basic mountaineering skills and equipment. The length of a day’s activity may be from 6-9 hours or more, so stamina is necessary.