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Mongolian Festivals
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Mongolian Festivals

One of the most known and famous festivals Nadaam is the National Holiday of Mongolia and is celebrated on July 11-13. Three main Mongolians “manly sports": wrestling, horse racing, and archery take place every year at the Naadam festival. This ancient festival dates back centuries and it’s thought that originally it has been created as a celebration during weddings and other spiritual gatherings.

The main Nadaam festival takes place in Ulaanbaatar and the whole country watches all competitions very closely on Mongolia's National Television and Radio. Many other smaller Naadam festivals take place in different aimags (provinces) around the country throughout the month of July, and it is at these Naadam festivals that you are able to get a much closer look at the action.

Other famous festivals include Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian New Year) and Maidar Ergekh. The New Year celebration is a complex one and includes long preparation and sophisticated rituals. Tsagaan Sar (the white month), the first month of spring, has been one of the most important celebrations of Mongols for centuries. This is a time of the year when winter passes away and spring comes in.

The Maidar ergekh is Buddhist tradition and its aim is to present the Fifth Buddha (Buddha pf the Future) and to pray for rebirth in Heaven.