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Weather in China
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Weather in China

The diversity of China’s landscape and climate is mesmerising. The vast area of China has a range of climates varying from sublime coastlines to snow capped mountains, sizzling deserts, and plains fed by the monsoon.

County’s climate is largely dominated by monsoon winds. It causes clear temperature differences in winter and summer. In winter, northerly winds coming from high latitude areas are cold and dry, and in summer, southerly winds from sea areas at lower longitudes are warm and moist. In addition, climates differ from region to region because of the country's extensive territory and complex topography. While south-eastern part of country enjoys warm and hot weather all year round, North China, including Manchuria, has extremely cold winters of almost Siberian severity.

Other important decisive feature of the climate of China is latitude. While most of the country has warm to hot summers, there is a great difference in winter temperature both from north to south and from the western provinces to the coastal regions.

China is vast, and the climate and conditions vary widely from region to region. Before travelling to China it is advisable to check the weather conditions first.


Choosing the best time to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit, what holiday you want and what type of weather you enjoy. Traditionally May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China's most popular destinations when the weather is most comfortable, but prices are higher, and it is more crowded. Prices drop a bit in the shoulder season, which runs from late March through April and from June through August. The low season arrives in late November, and continues through the winter when there are fewer crowds and the prices are lower.