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Home Holiday Planner Russian River Cruises 3-Star Russian River Cruise - Moscow - Golden Ring - St. Petersburg - 12 Days (CR-02)

3-Star Russian River Cruise - Moscow - Golden Ring - St. Petersburg - 12 Days (CR-02)

Group size
from 2 people
12 days
As per schedule
St. Petersburg
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kizhi, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Goritsy, Mandrogi
from 234,950
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This relaxing two-week cruise from Moscow to St Petersburg is a wonderful opportunity to discover the twin cities' architectural, historical and cultural gems stopping en route to explore the beauty of the ancient towns of the Golden Ring. Our dedicated tour staff, tasty Russian cuisine, plentiful onboard entertainment and a comprehensive sightseeing programme will give you a delightful, comfortable and informative introduction to Russia.

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Day 1
Transfer from the airport to the ship
Welcoming cocktail reception onboard a ship
You'll begin your trip in Moscow where our reliable driver will be waiting to greet you in airport arrivals and transfer you to the ship. Tonight, there'll be a cocktail reception laid on to welcome you and your fellow guests onboard.
Day 2
City Tour around Moscow
The boat will remain docked in Moscow while we disembark for a sightseeing tour of the lively Russian capital. The city's eclectic mix of architecture, verdant parks, leafy avenues and of course, the granite embankments of the Moscow River make for a superb introduction to your holiday. Our guided bus tour will begin with a panoramic view from the Sparrow Hills observation platform before visiting the city centre with its busy streets and popular squares. You'll be able to see the Bolshoi theatre and, a short distance away, St Basil's Cathedral located in Red Square.
Day 3
Kremlin Territory with Cathedrals
We revisit Red Square today to take a closer look at the Kremlin. It's the former home of the Tsars and now the current base of the Russian president. There are several optional choices on offer today, including visits to the Kremlin Armoury Museum, the Pushkin Museum and more. This is your chance to see the spectacular jewels, crowns, thrones and royal armour of Imperial Russia.
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Day 4
Walking City Tour. Visit to the Kremlin
Uglich, founded in 1148, is beautiful when approached by boat along the Volga River. The Cathedral of the Resurrection and St. John's Church tower on the horizon. We'll visit these as well as the Kremlin, in which, at the end of the 16th century, the seventh wife of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible lived in honorary exile.
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Day 5
City Tour around Yaroslavl
Visit to the Museum of Russian Art
Yaroslavl, an important port on the Volga, is today's destination. It dates from the 11th century when it was founded by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. It still retains myriad architectural and historic sights which include the delightful 13th century Spassky Monastery complex and magnificent 17th century cathedrals, as well as an elegant rotunda and the remains of an ancient trading centre. We will enjoy a city tour making an early start to ensure there's plenty of time to absorb the exhibits in the city's Museum of Russian Art. This contains around 70,000 works of art including icons and sculptures.
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Day 6
Visit to the Largest Monastery of the Russian North
Tiny Goritsy, our focus today, has a big attraction: the largest Russian Orthodox monastery in the Russian North. We'll explore it throughout before continuing our river journey this afternoon.
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Day 7
Visit to the Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture
River cruises 01 - 14 May - onboard. No visit to Kizhi is possible due to ice conditions
Kizhi is a charming island located at the northern end of Lake Onega, which we'll access via the Volga-Baltic Canal. It's the site of the open air Museum of Wooden Architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features structures from across the country which have been carefully restored to provide visitors with a glimpse into the past. One of the highlights of this museum is undoubtedly the Church of the Transfiguration, a fantasy church with twenty two domes. Note that for river cruises between 1st and 14th May, we'll have to stay on the ship. Due to the lake freezing solid, unfortunately a visit to Kizhi would not be possible.
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Day 8
Free time in the village
Traditional Russian shashlik (shish kebab) picnic lunch
Farewell gala dinner onboard
Another of Russia's countryside gems today as we reach Mandrogi, a picturesque village in a woodland setting. The villagers will turn out to meet us to put on a display of their traditions and culture, after which we can visit a museum devoted to the production of Russian vodka (optional). For lunch we'll enjoy a delicious picnic lunch of Russian shashlik (shish kebab) and then the afternoon is yours to partake in some walks. See for yourself the village's wooden buildings or take a walk in the forest. Tonight, there'll be a farewell Gala dinner.
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St. Petersburg
Day 9
City Tour around St. Petersburg. Visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress
Today we reach St Petersburg, the end of our river journey. It's an elegant city, built on 101 islands linked by an incredible 350 bridges. It's no wonder the city has earned the nickname of the "Venice of the North". Our bus tour will show us the city's most famous landmarks including the Peter & Paul Fortress, built as a defence against a possible Swedish invasion, and the Church of Christ’s Resurrection (The Saviour of the Blood), which revives the traditions of 17th century Russian church building.
Day 10
Visit to the Hermitage
We couldn't leave St Petersburg without paying a visit to the wonderful Hermitage. This world-class art museum contains no less than three million works by artists such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, the French Impressionists and Picasso. The building itself is magnificent, built for the Tsars as their main residence, the Winter Palace occupies a prime waterside location on the bank of the River Neva.
Day 11
Guided Visit to Petrodvorets
Out in the suburbs of St Petersburg, we'll discover the Summer Palace of Petrodvorets, also known as Peterhof. A world-famous palace, fountain and park complex, it was built in the eighteenth century by Emperor Peter the Great. This splendid Royal residence is a delight to visit and we'll explore it on a half-day guided tour.
Day 12
Transfer from the ship to the airport
The time has come to leave the ship and so our driver will be waiting to transfer you to the airport.
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10/05/2024 - 21/05/2024 249,950 / 309,950 - 3* Simonov book now
24/05/2024 - 04/06/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
07/06/2024 - 18/06/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
21/06/2024 - 02/07/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
19/07/2024 - 30/07/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
16/08/2024 - 27/08/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
30/08/2024 - 10/09/2024 249,950 / 309,950 - 3* Simonov book now
13/09/2024 - 24/09/2024 234,950 / 294,950 - 3* Simonov book now
27/09/2024 - 08/10/2024 234,950 / 294,950 - 3* Simonov book now
Travel dates Flights Excluding / Including Single supplement Motor Ship Book
10/05/2024 - 21/05/2024 269,950 / 329,950 - 3* Simonov book now
24/05/2024 - 04/06/2024 274,950 / 334,950 - 3* Simonov book now
07/06/2024 - 18/06/2024 274,950 / 334,950 - 3* Simonov book now
21/06/2024 - 02/07/2024 274,950 / 334,950 - 3* Simonov book now
19/07/2024 - 30/07/2024 274,950 / 334,950 - 3* Simonov book now
16/08/2024 - 27/08/2024 274,950 / 334,950 - 3* Simonov book now
30/08/2024 - 10/09/2024 269,950 / 329,950 - 3* Simonov book now
13/09/2024 - 24/09/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
27/09/2024 - 08/10/2024 254,950 / 314,950 - 3* Simonov book now
Travel dates Flights Excluding / Including Single supplement Motor Ship Book
10/05/2024 - 21/05/2024 279,950 / 339,950 - 3* Simonov book now
24/05/2024 - 04/06/2024 284,950 / 344,950 - 3* Simonov book now
07/06/2024 - 18/06/2024 284,950 / 344,950 - 3* Simonov book now
21/06/2024 - 02/07/2024 284,950 / 344,950 - 3* Simonov book now
19/07/2024 - 30/07/2024 284,950 / 344,950 - 3* Simonov book now
16/08/2024 - 27/08/2024 284,950 / 344,950 - 3* Simonov book now
30/08/2024 - 10/09/2024 279,950 / 339,950 - 3* Simonov book now
13/09/2024 - 24/09/2024 264,950 / 324,950 - 3* Simonov book now
27/09/2024 - 08/10/2024 264,950 / 324,950 - 3* Simonov book now
Travel dates Flights Excluding / Including Single supplement Motor Ship Book
10/05/2024 - 21/05/2024 289,950 / 349,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
24/05/2024 - 04/06/2024 294,950 / 354,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
07/06/2024 - 18/06/2024 294,950 / 354,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
21/06/2024 - 02/07/2024 294,950 / 354,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
19/07/2024 - 30/07/2024 294,950 / 354,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
16/08/2024 - 27/08/2024 294,950 / 354,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
30/08/2024 - 10/09/2024 289,950 / 349,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
13/09/2024 - 24/09/2024 274,950 / 334,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now
27/09/2024 - 08/10/2024 274,950 / 334,950 32,950 3* Simonov book now

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We are very happy to have served thousands of happy customers who travelled with us.
The service provided from all staff members was excellent. We loved the river cruise St. Petersburg to Moscow.
So helpful. They were very responsive, obtained a translator for us to retrieve lost baggage. Service was very excellant.
We would like to thank all of you at Go Russia for arranging a really unforgettable, eye-opening holiday to Russia; it is a truly wonderful, beautiful country and we loved it!
Everything went smoothly, the trip was amazing.
Everybody showed patience and understanding and I was made to feel confident that I was in good hands.
I have travelled with you last year and decided to go again recently with an additional programme my driver Michael and guide Victoria were perfect hosts I fully commend them to you
Wonderful guides, great service, transfers as arranged, generally very efficient.
Julia was very responsive to questions. Also very knowledgeable with information of the tour. Nicholas, on board guide was very attentive to all of the guests needs.
The ship was very clean and staff, including tour ”minders”, anxious to please and very helpful throughout. Excursions as specified and v good local guides provided throughout - some really excellent.
The 'Go Russia' team and Diane, were very professional, efficient and friendly. The responses to questions were fast and with full information. There were NO bad experiences

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